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Sherica Holmon


YES! It absolutely does.

Proper fueling before and after exercise is key to maximizing on each workout.

Are you ready to see your hard work pay off? Well let's get started!

Fueling before a workout is just like putting gas in your tank or having an unlimited ride on your MetroCard. You'll be able to go for longer! So why wouldn't you do it? lol

What is the ideal meal before a workout?


High carb, moderate protein and low in fat.

An example is toast with hummus, oats with banana or a smoothie. The best time to eat your pre-workout meal is 1 ½ to 2 hours before. This is so your food can digest thoroughly and your body can use it as adequate fuel for your workout!

(Here is a oat bowl I made with banana, greek yogurt and peanut butter.  Don't go overboard on the pb like I did lol)

What should I eat after the workout?

Your Post- workout meal depends on your exercise for the day. Running or spinning? Eat a balanced blend of carbohydrates and proteins such as a veggie omelet and toast!

Veggie omelet and toast!

Lifting or doing Fat Burn 45?! 

A quick source of protein is essential for rapid muscle recovery and maximum lean muscle. An example is a whey protein shake! A recent study showed a even better post-workout shake is a blend of casein and whey! I will go into this next week, but my favorite protein shake is Herbalife24 Rebuild strength. It is incredible! It has all the amino acids, whey and casein protein plus adequate sugars and carbohydrates your muscles need.


(Enjoy 10% off because you're awesome for reading.  10y052)


If you want the results you have to fuel properly.

Just wait until you start implementing these tips into your routine, I guarantee you will start to feel so much stronger!

Keep killing it Fat Burn 45'ers!