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Sherica Holmon

Meal Prep Mondays!


Happy Friday my Fat Burn 45'ers! I know it's not Monday (Thank god) but I wanted to get this post up for you guys asap so you can prep over the weekend anduse some of these tips for next week!

Here are a few of my favorite lunch/dinner meal prepping strategies to prepare me for success each week!

Before any meal prepping occurs, I write a strategic grocery lists:

  • Two proteins (chicken and chicken sausage)
  • Two carbs (brown rice and Ezekiel bread)
  • Two veggie sources (Kale and broccoli)
  • Smoothie ingredients (Banana, berries, Almond Milk)
  • Eggs
  • Canned goods (black beans and chickpeas)
  • One healthy fat (usually avocados)

I like to plan all of my meals for the week before I grocery shop so I know exactly what I need and it keeps me on budget!

How I prep my protein:

  • Chicken, I keep it simple. I add fresh garlic, sea salt, pepper, garlic powder and cayenne pepper (I like things spicy!) and a drizzle of olive oil. Bake at 350 degrees for 45-one hour.
  • Chicken sausage, easy! Chop up a link or two and sauté in olive oil and add any veggies you'd like.

How I prep my carbs:

  • Short on time? The frozen brown rice at TJ's (AKA TRADER JOES MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH)  has no preservatives and heat it up quick on the stove or microwave.
  • I keep my Ezekial bread in the freezer so it lasts longer, I pop it in the toaster at breakfast.
  • I cook quinoa in bulk and store for 3-4 days in the refrigerator

How I prep my veggies:

  • Kale and broccoli I sauté with olive oil or coconut oil on the stove until tender. You can store your veggies in the fridge for the week. I prefer to keep my veggies fresh so I usually sauté' them on the spot with every meal.
  • When cooking dinner, I make it in bulk to save for the rest of the week. I always add in fresh veggies and season with herbs/spices, keep it light on the salt

How I prepare my eggs:

  • EGG. That is all.

Canned goods?

  • I make a yummy black bean dip and homemade hummus! If you'd like the recipe COMMENT BELOW and I will post next week!

Fail to plan, plan to fail! If you found this email helpful please let me know and I will put together more helpful fit tips and recipes for you all!