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Introducing the REAL Sherica...

Sherica Holmon

After my run this morning I wanted to share with you how great it feels to exercise the body first thing in the morning. I wanted to share how exercise is truly medicine and how it can change the whole pace of your day. I hesitated to do this, you know why? I didn't look good, I just rolled out of bed, I still look tired, I had no makeup on and my hair wasn't done. I always preach about embracing your natural self yet I never posted any pictures of me actually being natural. I would try to look cute for the picture, get into a pose, put on some mascara to make my eyes pop and fix my hair so I could avoid comments about how "nappy" my hair looked.

Why restrict the opportunity to inspire and motivate another person just because I care what other people think? I'm over it. There is a bigger purpose that is MORE than me. Helping you, Inspiring you and motivating you to be the best YOU is my goal. It's WHY I do this. So here I am, the REAL me, after my run this morning. No I didn't take multiple pictures to get a good one, this is my first shot and no there is no filter. I feel amazing, I am happy and I am proud of the sweat I earned. To all my women out there embrace your strengths and TRULY embrace your naturals selves it's freeing. From now on my intention with my Social Media pages and Blog is to post real, authentic content that is true to me. What you see from now on is really me. Introducing the real Sherica...