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Sherica Holmon

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What's up beautiful people?! Thank you to everyone who participated in this week's Q&A! I received a great question this week that I would love to share with you all!

Question: I used to love working out but have lately felt bored by the workouts I've been doing (everything from HIIT, to cycling, to lifting). I think I could benefit from a personal trainer to a) see better results from my workouts and b) to learn how to switch things up. 


How do your clients benefit from you as a trainer? 

I believe your best work is done when you truly care about the work you do. This is the relationship I share with my clients! I focus on your goals as if they were my own. As your trainer expect an open door. Quick responses to any health and fitness questions you have. Consistent communication and support. Two important things you need to succeed in many goals in life. Whether in or out of the gym. 


Do you recommend meeting with a trainer multiple sessions a week? 

I typically meet with my clients 2-3 times a week depending on client availability. Regardless of your time restraints, I provide my clients with a workout for every day of the week we are not training together. So you never miss out!

Whether you are looking to spice up your workout routine or looking for accountability and daily support I can help you with this. Contact me today for your free consultation! 

Let's build our community! Leave a comment below about how YOUR experiences with personal training was? What did you love about it and what could've been better?

If you're thinking about taking your fitness to the next level with personal training, hit that message icon on the top right and shoot me a message!

It's not too late to make today GREAT! Happy Friday!


Sherica Holmon

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HAPPY FRIDAY beautiful people! I got a great question this week, so I thought I'd share in hopes to help you on your fit journey!

Q: Can you please explain the benefits of cardio intervals vs. steady state cardio? What are the benefits of intervals over steady state?

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT is a form of interval training that includes alternating between high intensity exercises and short low intensity rest periods. HIIT involves performing short bursts of high or max intensity followed by low-intensity for a set duration of time.  For example, sprinting for 30 seconds at maximum speed followed by a 30 second rest repeatthese intervals for your set duration of time.

So what are the benefits of this?

HIIT workouts improve athleticism and glucose metabolism (the breakdown of carbohydrates in your body). Research shows that HIIT regimens produce significant reduction in body fat mass.  HIIT also is just as efficient as steady state cardio, with shorter time commitments.  So if you are a New Yorker like I am, less time the better!

What about steady-state cardio?

With steady-state cardio, your heart rate stays within a lower intensity aerobic zone.  This is so great for cardiovascular health!  Although, in order to reap the same benefits of a 20-30 minute interval session you must double that time commitment.  A benefit of steady state cardio is less physical stress on the cardio respiratory system and body.  It is also a great way to improve cardio respiratory fitness especially if you participate in races!

So, which is better?!

Truly, the best option depends on YOU. If you're in a time crunch, and want to get a efficient andquick workout in, HIIT may be the best option for you. Optimize your calorie-burn by performing ALL your exercises HIIT style!

Want to build cardiovascular endurance? Steady-state cardio may be best for you. It can also be meditative. Studies show that after 20 minutes of cardio, your brain releases endorphins that make us feel good, sort of like eating chocolate......SORT OF. 

Now go out there and get your fitness on!