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171 E 74th St
New York, NY, 10021
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Sherica is a Personal Trainer, Health Coach and aspiring Life Coach helping her clients achieve their full potential physically, mentally and spiritually. Her training style focuses on pushing your body outside of its comfort zone while encouraging and empowering you every step of the way.  

Sherica focuses on loving yourself at every stage of the "Fitness Journey" and to strive to be the best YOU. 

Sherica’s complete training programs and classes focus on building your inner and outer strength. Starting from the mind, body and the soul.  Sherica is an encouraging force for her clients. The goal is to train to your body’s full potential in a mindful and encouraging approach.

Sherica focuses on nourishing her body with the best nutrition while emphasizing the importance of nourishing the mind and spirit with positive vibes to thrive.   Sherica is a huge advocate for empowering women to love themselves and embrace their natural being. She strives to be a realistic image for women empowering to be your own beautiful. 

Classes and programs will steer you in the right direction towards improved strength, better cardiovascular endurance, decreased body fat, defined muscle definition, increased energy and an overall improvement of your health physically, mentally and spiritually.